Friday, November 28, 2008


Q. Who has the cutest dimples around?
A. Theodore!

Xtreme close-up:


Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day. What are we most thankful for this year? Why, Theodore, of course!

Yesterday, we started the day with a baby photo shoot on the couch.

Later, the Jackson branch of the Official Theodore Hains Fan Club stopped by to ooh and ahh over baby.
During the afternoon, Memere did lots of snuggling (and no fewer than three diaper changes, too!).
Dinner was a yummy feast. (Tofurkey for mama -- mmm!)

After dinner, we played Outburst and Password with Auntie Sarah and Uncle Corey.

During the game, Theo napped while clutching his hair...
...while his papa tugged at his hair for different reasons. :)
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby's first rally

Theo came with us to yesterday's rally to save the North Shore Birth Center. Tyler kept him snuggled under his jacket the whole time, in a baby sling, while I scurried around, talking with media and leading the crowds.

Here's a shot of me saying something (apparently amusing?) into the megaphone:
(Click on the above photo to visit the blog of Tabitha Sherrell, the wonderful photographer who documented the rally.)

Here's a group snapshot of the protesters who were still there at the end of the morning:

Say, what's that light blue thing in Tyler's jacket? Let's have a closer look:

Why, it's a blue baby hat. Theo's in there!

Monday, November 10, 2008

7 weeks

On Saturday, Theo turned 7 weeks old. I caught one of his gorgeous smiles on camera that day. Here it is:

What a cute, cute baby pie! :)

I haven't been posting much lately because I've been hard at work on the Campaign to Save the North Shore Birth Center, which I've been spearheading. Theo came with me to the Campaign's organizational meeting on Sunday morning. He's a little activist in the making!

One of the many people who attended our meeting worked at the hospital. I mentioned that Theo has the dubious distinction of being the Birth Center's first "code pink" baby, and she told me a touching story: After Theo was born, she went to a service in the hospital chapel. At that service, the chaplain said a prayer of thanksgiving that the "code pink" baby was okay, and everyone had a group hug about it. I think that is incredibly sweet. :)

In other news, my mom has been saying that Theo looks bigger in photographs than he does in real life. When she comes to visit, she spends a few minutes marveling at how small he still is!

So, here is a photo orchestrated to show off Theo's teensy, then-six-week-old cuteness. Our friend Tom and I present: Theo with a contrabassoon!

Hm, it looks like he's getting ready to smile! Is he? Oh, yes, he is!

Xtreme baby close-up:

That's our baby--a sweet-natured sunshine boy.