Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Buttery eyes

There's a new saying in our house: "buttery eyes."

Here's an example of its usage. If one of us is rocking Theo to sleep but cannot see his face, we'll ask the other quietly: "Hey, does Theo have buttery eyes yet?"

Where'd we come up with such a strange expression? It's my mom's fault! :) A few weeks ago, I overheard her telling a very sleepy Theo that he had buttery eyes.

I was bemused. "Buttery eyes? What's that?"

It turns out that there's a French-Canadian idiom that describes sleepy eyes: "les yeux aux beurre," which translates as "buttery eyes." Tyler and I find this saying amusing, and so it has entered our everyday vocabulary.

Theo with his Memere, who whispers such cute things to him:

Theo modeling buttery eyes for the camera:

...OK, those aren't REAL buttery eyes; he was blinking as I took a photo. But they illustrate my point. Buttery eyes for the win! :)


  • Thank you, I am reading Wicked and Dillamond is described as having eyes that are 'buttery and warm, and frightening'. This makes sense as he only woke up two minutes prior! I do not want to miss any details. I want to feel, be surprised, imagine, experience...understand. So this has allowed me to understand further. To see what Galinda sees! Oh...and I guess the definition of a word before I search for it...mine was 'greasy'...oops! I tried...

    By Blogger Amy Louise Simmons, At August 18, 2016 at 1:54 AM  

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