Monday, April 20, 2009

TECH Showing his Skillz

As I (Tyler) was holding Theo in my lap this morning, he wanted to play with the keyboard, badly. I figured I might as well let him play for a few minutes - after all, what can he do that I couldn't fix? So, I opened Notepad for him and let him down to the keyboard.

After convincing him not to put it in his mouth, it took him about 8 keystrokes to turn my monitor PORTRAIT. Umm... I wasn't expecting THAT. I laughed and asked him what he did and he just said, "Uaaah aaaooaah."

I decided Theo's turn was over, and proceeded to attempt to fix the problem, with my head cocked to the left, and my mouse turned sideways... After looking through the display settings, I finally gave up and consulted Google, which produced the answer on my second search string. (<ctrl><alt><arrow keys>)

I was rather impressed with the speed with which little TECH stumped me. He's certainly living up to his initials. :-)

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